Miami Hotel Ashdod

Miami Hotel Ashdod

Monthly Archives: ספטמבר 2021

Journey to destination from the comfort of your home

If you're planning a trip but don't want to deal with the hassle of travelling, there's good news! You can now journey to your destination from the comfort of your home. With virtual reality technology, you can immerse yourself in … Read More

Interesting phrases from around the world

Do you know what a "Wanderlust" is? In German, it means "love of traveling", but in English, it has come to mean a strong, irresistible desire to travel. If you're feeling a bit wanderlust-y, why not explore some of the … Read More

My travel story

I started traveling when I was very young. My first trip was to Disney World with my family. I have also been to Europe and Asia. I love to travel because I get to see new places and meet new … Read More